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Wooden components for bicycles handmade in Italy

Urbinati bike is a company that produces patented, CE Certified bicycle components in first choice wood, using possibly plantation timber, respecting nature, its life cycle and its strength. Nature, Craftsmanship and Technology meet to create pieces of the highest quality and unique beauty. Urbinati Bike’s mission is to produce bicycle components entirely in wood, uniquely beautiful yet still resistant to stresses, strains and weather. We have now fulfilled this aim by producing a wood and carbon fibre handlebar of unrivalled safety, strength, technology and design by combining our woodworking know-how with innovative processing techniques. Urbinati Bike products are designed for an Innovative, Dynamic, High-Tech, Young, Nature-Loving, Environmentally Aware clientele unsatisfied with today’s culture of low-quality consumerism.

Our handmade objects are designed for lovers of the best Italian Craftsmanship, who realise that they are buying not just an accessory but a piece of unrivalled beauty at  technological state of the art. Urbinati Bike fine wood handlebar incorporates 4 carbon fibre bands laid in two sets of parallel strands with a total of about half a million filaments.  We have eliminated the use of metal  for a product with highly improved Safety, Strength, Weight and Design.  Urbinati Bike handlebar has undergone a large number of in-house tests and has received the European certification under the UNI EN ISO 421 0-5:2014 for the Fatigue Test, issued by Istituto Giordano S.p.a. . It has withstood loads of 200 N applied 100,000 times at a frequency of 1 Hz (1 thrust per second) using counter-phase actuators, and loads of 250 N, at the same frequency, with synchronised actuators a further 100,000 times without any variation.

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