Urbinati Bike fine wood handlebar incorporates 4 carbon fibre bands laid in two sets of parallel strands with a total of about half a million filaments.  We have eliminated the use of metal for a product with highly improved Safety, Strength, Weight and Design. Carbon fibers have higher properties than steel and can be incorporated into wood with better results in order to withstand stresses and strains. It has a resistance to break 5 times higher than stainless steel, it is 1/3 more elastic and it has a specific weight 5 times inferior to stainless steel.  

Urbinati Bike handlebar has undergone a large number of in-house tests and has received the European certification under the UNI EN ISO 421 0-5:2014 for the Fatigue Test, issued by Istituto Giordano S.p.a. It has withstood loads of 200 N applied 100,000 times at a frequency of 1 Hz (1 thrust per second) using counter-phase actuators, and loads of 250 N, at the same frequency, with synchronised actuators a further 100,000 times without any variation.

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